Management IP and improving partnership label relationships


Since our launch on July 15, 2020, we have successfully turned into a surplus and are attracting investment in Series A ($1 B ~ $3 B) in 2021. Apart from attracting investment, we will invest more than 50% of the cost of converting surplus to conduct full investment in overseas IP management research and development. Through this, we want to build a robust K-POP IP Management Chain overseas to advance K-POP and build a K-POP label infrastructure to provide turnkey solutions for late artists to succeed abroad quickly.

In the IP business sector, we will conduct an artist discovery and management business based on REELS CORPORATION INC’s overseas infrastructure. At the request of South Korea’s entertainment that has formed relationships with us, we will define IP business’s scope as ‘International country except for Korea and Japan‘ and proceed with the project. South Korea and Japan have already formed an exclusive partnership between large retailers and entertainment, and we have decided that we can’t obtain additional IP in this regard.

Considering that 40% of the total music market is in the USA and a vast global market of more than 70% in both Europe and the USA, we will carry out aggressive IP management projects. The IP business sector, Sector will be in charge of 1) discovering and investing promising artists abroad, 2) overseas licensing business, 3) establishing relationships with overseas distributors and business businesses.

I do not doubt that this business will create a green light for the new monetization model of REELS CORPORATION INC.

Until now, we have carried out the business with the cost of domestic entertainment spending on ‘advertising expenses’ as a business model. As a result, there was a regret between the two sides because 1) they could not spend money due to the internal situation of Entertainment at the best time to spend money, and 2) they could not draw a J curve with monetization. With the expansion of the IP business, Entertainment who believe in REELS CORPORATION INC. management capabilities rent or perpetuate specific IP of artists to REELS CORPORATION INC., which is based on more aggressive overseas marketing revenue, thereby strengthening their Entertainment – Artist – REELS CORPORATION INC. interests.

Currently, the IP business division will provide the best support to find a new qualified person and operate as an independent department.

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