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TRACK | Running Through the night
DATE | October, 2022

Client Background:

  • The artist was a newcomer who began to be discovered on various playlists.
  • In order to secure a global fandom, aggressive PR was necessary, but there were not many unique selling points.

Project KPI:

  • To increase the artist’s visibility and attract a global fanbase through a strategic PR campaign that highlights the artist’s unique qualities and musical talent, resulting in increased recognition and success in the music industry.
  • Enter the top 100 of the iTunes R&B chart in multiple countries, including a top position in at least one country.
  • Achieve record-breaking success for a Korean female R&B artist.
  • Increase Seori’s streaming numbers on major music platforms by a certain percentage by leveraging her chart success to recruit new fans.

Project strategy:

This strategy is leveraged; Seori can succeed in the chart through media promotions and secure fandom afterwards. This will help her build a strong foundation for long-term success in the music industry. And after Seori’s chart success to attract new fans, build a strong and engaged fandom, and develop a long-term PR plan that maintained her visibility in the music industry, with the ultimate goal of increasing Seori’s streaming numbers, solidifying her position in the industry, and setting the stage for future success.

  • Media promotions to boost visibility

Media promotions can help boost Seori’s visibility and increase her chances of chart success. This can include targeted social media ads, music streaming platform promotions(Playlists, Display; CPT-CPA, curation), and influencer collaborations. The media promotions should be tailored to Seori’s target audience and should highlight what sets her apart from other artists.

  • Leverage Seori’s charting success to attract new fans:

To increase Seori’s streaming numbers on major music platforms, we can leverage her charting success by promoting her music to new potential fans. This can be done by targeting music listeners who have shown an interest in similar artists or genres. We can create targeted social media ads that highlight Seori’s chart success and unique qualities, as well as featuring her music videos and performances. We can also partner with music streaming platforms to feature Seori’s music in playlists and recommendations to users who enjoy similar music.

  • Develop a long-term PR strategy:

To maintain Seori’s visibility and attract a global fanbase, we must develop a long-term PR strategy highlighting her unique qualities and musical talent. This can be done by continuing to work with music journalists and influencers to secure media coverage and reviews of Seori’s music. We can also collaborate with other artists and music industry professionals to expand Seori’s network and reach new audiences. Additionally, we can use Seori’s chart success as a foundation for future promotional campaigns, such as tours and live performances.


Seori is a talented musician with a unique sound and a captivating story. Her music blends various genres, creating a sound that is both fresh and familiar. Seori’s story is one of overcoming adversity and following her dreams, which is reflected in her lyrics and the emotion she brings to her performances.

To promote Seori’s music and reach a wider audience, a PR campaign was developed. Key media outlets and categories were identified, and a media outreach plan was created. Press releases, media pitches, and other materials were drafted to highlight Seori’s musical talent and unique qualities.

The PR campaign included pitching to journalists and social media influencers, providing them with exclusive access to Seori’s music and behind-the-scenes content. As articles and features were secured, discovery articles were created and uploaded to various media outlets. These articles were tailored to the target audience of each outlet and showcased Seori’s unique sound and story.

The results of the PR campaign were monitored and tracked using metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and streaming numbers. Based on the results, the strategy was adjusted to maximize the impact and reach even more fans. Through the PR campaign, Seori was able to gain visibility and grow her fan base, allowing more people to experience her music and story.

Campaign Results:

  • Through well-designed PR and global promotion, Seori entered the top 100 of the iTunes R&B chart in a total of 19 countries, including #1 in Macao, #2 in Germany and India, #4 in the UK, #8 in France, and #9 in Sweden. This is a record-breaking achievement for a Korean female R&B artist.
  • Released article on CelebMix, The American Reporter, AllRapNews, The Further
    Despite being her debut album, her songs were introduced by many overseas media outlets, and as a result of articles being uploaded to outlets in various categories, they were able to reach a wide range of fans.
  • Seori’s music has accumulated an impressive 17 million streams on Spotify, which is a testament to her growing popularity and the effectiveness of the PR campaign.
  • Seori has achieved a peak position of #65 on the Spotify Popularity Index, which is a ranking of the most popular artists on the platform. This achievement demonstrates that Seori’s music is resonating with listeners and that she is on track to become a major player in the music industry.